Jamaica has a high crime rate, but this is only really in concentrated pockets and it is a generally safe country. Although it is generally safe, still use common sense while travelling within the country; don't be overly flashy with money, don't go to isolated places by yourself after dark, don't take a taxi you are unsure about (verified taxis have red license plates).


Jamaican's are proud of their food and you can find good food everywhere. You can find soup cooking in large pots on the sides of the road, fresh fruit and veg hanging from stalls, jerk stalls with fragrant smoke streaming out, fisherfolk walking with freshly caught fish... Jamaica is great if you are open to eating everything. Many soups have dumpling and/or could be seasoned with a packet seasoning that has little noodles, so if you have a gluten allergy make sure to ask. Jamaican food is not very vegetarian/vegan friendly, but Rastafarians eat Ital (which is all vegan) so there are Ital restaurants and there are a few places in Port Antonio to find vegetarian/vegan options.